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Vijyant with alpha company Vijyant with the alpha company at war front Vijyant with other officers in Kargil

Vijyant after getting commissioned on the 12th Dec'98 joined the 2 Rajputana Rifles at Gwalior. The battalion stayed barely for a month before they move to Kashmir to check counter insurgency. Before being inducted he was given some training in an Army establishment.

Baptisim Under Fire

The unit moved to Kupwara where it was involved in counter terrorists operations. Here Vijyant was involved in two fierce encounters. While talking to his mother on telephone he described how he lived through a live encounter in which about thirty bullets were fired at him. While still involved in this counter insurgency tasks orders were received for the unit to move to Drass to evict the enemy who had occupied Tololing, Tiger Hill, and adjoining heights.


Vijyant moved under the command of his CO Col. M.B. Ravindernath, VrC and his company commander Major P. Acharya. The battalion was then given the task of capturing Tololing. This was a God sent opportunity for Vijyant as he was an officer always looking for action. After the initial assault by Major Mohit Saxena was held up, on the night of 12th June'99 Capt. Vijyant Thapar led his platoon to capture Barbad Bunker. His diary notes shows how in the close combat he killed two soldiers and his disappointment at not being able to capture two enemy soldiers alive.

A unique picture of all the heros who never returned home from this battle. In the picture are Major Vivek Gupta, Major P. Acharya, Vijyant and - Kangrusa who took this snap-all got killed.

Vijyant in kargil with other officers Vijyant and Major P. Acharya Vijyant with other war heroes

Vijyant reading letter in bunker Vijyant standing alone in Kargil Vijyant in Kargil during war with a sten gun

Battle of Tololing Knoll and Three Pimples

2 Raj Rif was given the task of captaining Toiling Knoll, Three Pimples. In this actions Robin fought like a man and true soldier. These forbidding heights were held by enemy Northern Light Infantry (NLI) . They had well constructed fortification very well stocked, well sited, dominating the narrow ridge line on which 2 Raj Rif had to attack. During this Battle Vijyant captured a Pakistani position called Barbad Bunker Pt. 4590,Tololing was the first victory for Indian army on 13th June 1999 and has gone into history as a turning point in the war.

After the successful capture of Tololing he spoke to his mother on V Sat telephone and proudly said "Mama we have captured Tololing". Later on 28 June, 2 Raj. Rif. was given the task of capturing Three Pimples, Knoll and Lone Hill area. The attack started with Vijyant's platoon leading on a full moon night along a razor sharp ridge wih no cover to offer. There was intense and accurate artillery shelling and heavy enemy fire. He lost some of his dear men and some more were injured causing the attack to be disrupted. However with his indominable spirit and tremendous urge to capture Knoll he got together, the remenants of his men and moved through a ravine to face the enemy. It was a full moon night . Moreover this was an impossible position to capture. The troops of 6 Northern Light Infantry had all the advantages. Strongly prepared positions one narrow knife edge ridge, with precipitous slopes on both side, ravines thousands of feet deep, devoid of cover and almost vertical climbs at places.

At 8PM the attack commenced with a thunderous shatter as 120 guns opened fire rockets hit up the sky. Shells, own and Pakistani covered the whole area mixed with lethal machine gun fire. Into this inferno 2 Raj Rif moved with capt. Vijyant Thapar leading the attack. Among the first to fall in this rain of death was sepoy Jagmal singh Vijyant's very dear orderly.


Vijyant reading letter in bunkerVijyant standing alone in KargilVijyant in Kargil during war with a sten gun

While the exchange of fire was going on, full of excitement Vijyant reached his company which had already secured a foothold on Knoll. By this time his company commander Major P. Achrya had been killed. At this news Vijyant's anger was explosive. He surged ahead with his colleague Naik Tilak Singh. Both of them started engaging the enemy merely 15 mts. away. There were two enemy machine guns firing towards them. After about an hour and a half of fierceful exchange of bullets and abuses Vijyant decided that he had to end the enemy. As he moved up to do so a burst of fire struck him on his head. He fell in the arms of his comrade Naik Tilak Singh. A brave son of India had fallen. It was after that the men of his company charged and fully captured Knoll. The victory at Knoll on 29 June 1999, is a saga of bravery unmatched, and unbounded grit and determination. Courage alone and unflinching faith in almighty God alone turned a tactically impossible situation into a victory

Vijyant with other solders in Kargil Vijyant with other soldiers offering prayers to Karni Mata The spot where Vijyant died Vijyant with other solders in KargilVijyant with other soldiers offering prayers to Karni MataThe spot where Vijyant died

Mountain where fighting took place and Vijyant lost his life Nature's Hostility - Toloing after Indian soldiers captured it A view of three pimple and Knoll peaks where the fighting between Indian Army and Pakistani Infiltrators took place and Vijyant lost his life. Vijyant reading letter in bunkerVijyant standing alone in KargilVijyant in Kargil during war with a sten gun
Vijyant was a die hard soldier and a proud Indian. He was always smiling no matter what the circumstances are. He was a God fearing person. He was a great devotee of Karni Mata. Before going to any battle he used to offer prayers to Karni Mata. He displayed an exemplary devotion to duty during the main attack at Knoll even at the cost of his life.

The death of Maj. Vivek Gupta, Saurav Kalia and the recovery of Maj Adhikari body had a deep impact on Robin. The killings , the hand to hand fighting in which heads rolled was tough on a young man just 22 years. But he went through this with courage. Picture shows Vijyant sitting on top of ‘Barbad Bankar with his men and captured enemy weapons.

Vijyant with other solders in KargilVijyant with other soldiers offering prayers to Karni MataThe spot where Vijyant died

He was too Occupied to be tired, too busy to be afraid
                                                                                                                   - Major Sandeep Bajaj 2IC 2nd Raj. Rif.

On warring action(Capture of tololing)

At 4 a.m., with 20 degrees Celsius on June 12 and 13, Tololing was captured. It was a turning point in the Kargil conflict. In Tololing capture operation, determined to go to the forefront, Lt. Vijyant finally captured Bar Bagh bunker, which proved to be crucial. Leading his man of Raj Rifles in an audacious attack against heavily forfeited Tololing Hill, He hoisted the Indian Tricolor there, smiling and sitting on top of the hill with dead pak soldier
lying around.
Attack on Knoll (Vijyants sacrifice)

It was 8 p.m. on June 28. Major Acharya, Lt. Thapar and myself were together for the last time. Just 600 meters short of enemy, we attacked Knoll and lost Major Acharya and Lt. Saif Vijyant, taking the command of Alpha Company, re-attacked the Bunker. After successfully assaulting some of them, Lt. Vijyant Thapar got a direct shot through left eye. It Was only after a moment I realised that India had lost another Gallant son. So I then took over the command and captured the featured. Attack on Knoll in the drass sector, next to tololing in 3 pimples operation, was India's first major win.

Association with Lt. Vijyant Thapar

He was a selfless hero, extremely gallant and adventurous. Although the pre-warring moments were tense, Lt. Vijyant had a relaxed and composed mind. His letter to his mother before he left for Knoll attack speaks volumes about his heroism and his will to serve the nation, I consider it my privilege to have had a soldier like Vijyant in my column. This young man who joined the unit in December 1998 performed his duties with total commitment during his four months of posting in Kupwara.I sensed some worry for him because of his extreme fearless attitude. Totally committed to uniform, he stands out as an example for all of us.

Last few minutes before the warring action

Vijyant's mind was too occupied to be tired and to busy to be afraid. we were mentally prepared for any eventuality before leaving for the front. We took a look at the photographs and letters of our beloved ones. When duty calls, no soldier thinks of anything else except his country. I still remember the last meal I shared with Lt. Thapar and the chocolates he offered to us.

On real war and reel war

Reel war glamourises, glorifies and even romantisizes battlefield. However. Real war is a ghastly, gruesome and ugly business. It leaves death, devastation, destruction and pain to the families whose wounds can never heal.That unfortunatly is the price we have to pay for our nation's honour and integrity. And those who pay this price in the country's war are the real heroes whom generation of Indians will rever, remember and look forward to for inspiration.

One such hero was captain Vijyant Thapar an ordinary, simple happy go lucky boy but a man of character who did what his country, his army, his paltan and above all his family expected of him- "His Duty" even on to death.

A letter written by Capt. Vijyant Thapar after the battle of Tololing summing up his entire feelings at that time.

Vijyant at Barbad Bunkar with captured Pakistani Weapons


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