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Vijyant was from a family which had served Army for a long time. His great grandfather, his grandfather and his father all served the Army during their professional life. Vijyant carried on the legacy of the Thapar's family.

Dr. Capt. Karta Ram Thapar
Dr. Capt. Karta Ram Thapar, Vijyant's Great Grand father served in the army.

Mr. J.S. Thapar, Vijyant's Grandfather served for 15 years with the Army and his last posting was in Jammu & Kashmir. He was very fond of his grandson and encouraged him to join the Army.

Mr. J.S. Thapar with Robin

Col. V.N. Thapar with wife Tripta and two sons Vijyant and Vijender Thapar

Col. V.N. Thapar, Vijyant's father joined NDA in 1958 and was commissioned into the Maratha Light Infantry in Dec' 62.He saw action at Nathula and also participated in Bangladesh operations. He commanded 14 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. He retired finally after 37 years service in 1999 the same year Vijyant was commissioned.

Thapar's - the unending legacy

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