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Vijyant having fun in childhood Vijyant at IMA in early days
Vijyant was a boy with a very loving disposition who always thought about others more himself. As a person he was very warm hearted, considerate and frugal. He always wanted to be in the Army. His favourate toys were guns He would wear his father peak cap, take his cane and march around like an officer. He worked hard to fulfill his ambition. And one day his hardwork paid off. He got selected in Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

A lasting memory of his child hood was Robin running around our sprawling garden, with his two dogs, Hirni and Alca chasing butterflies, catching dragon flies and doing mock charges on Langoors (Baboons) who were actually friendly. In the evening he would be in the Paltan (Battalion), watching wrestlers, boxers and other sportsman . At the age of four or five he had already fired a pistol sitting in his dads embrace .


Vijyant with his IMA friend Vijyant with his IMA group

Vijyant during training Vijyant and his IMA friends
Vijyant alone at IMA
At about this time he was in love with an exceedingly lovely girl with sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile. Unfortunately the war cut shot this brief love story.

Vijyant was always fond of outdoor life and was very close to mother nature because of which he was named Robin.He was very health concious and worked hard in the Gym.
Vijyant having fun after trainingVijyant enjoying Holi

Vijyant with his friends Vijyant with swimming champion shield
Vijyant on football field  

Vijyant did well during his training. He got the silver medal for standing second in the order of merit in the first term. Despite his badly dislocated shoulder in a Boxing Tournament he still completed the most difficult exercise involving a march of 30-40 Kms in the mountains. He did his para jumps, hand gliding despite his injury. He also got a Gold Medal in Water Polo.
Vijyant while horse riding Passing out IMA

Vijyant in front of tank Vijyant in helicopter
Vijyant with a rifle
Vijyant was always inspired by the talks of his father's exploits and his Uncle's various experiences in the Air Force. Vijyant's first love was to be a fighter pilot. However, he was very happy to join the infantry like his father. He was a very principled and disciplined person and nothing was more important than his nation, INDIA.

Set For The First Para Jump
See Vijyant and his grandmother in a home video when Vijyant was 10 years old at Meerut.


The Making of a Soldier

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