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Vijyant a soft hearted soul with an armour of fearless determination and love for the nation. At the age of 22 when life was still to come he chose to battle with the enemey without any thought about himself. he was very sure that the Gods in the heaven will protect him. He gave up his life fighting the enemy and protecting our motherland without thinking about himself. Considering he was only 22 years of age, this selfless act makes him a very noble soul. Fond of Music as he was, he was always playing tunes of his favorite movie "BORDER" even at the war front.

    A sad end to a beautiful love story

Ruksana lost her speech when her father was brutally murdered by militants in front of her eyes in her village in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir and it took all of Kargil martyr Captain Vijyant Thapar's love to get it back. The six year - old's world had come crashing down around her after her father Mohammad Akbar was gunned down by foreign mercenaries, but she was soon to discover her knight in shinning armour when a company of two Rajputana Rifles moved into her school in Kandi village. The 22-year old officer met her through the principal of the school and started loving the child immensely. Capt. Thapar and his "sahayak" Sepoy Jagmal Singh Shekhawat, who also died next to his "saheb" in the battle to capture the "Knoll" feature in Drass sub-sector, used to steal away from the unit and visit Ruksana each evening and take sweets and toffees for her, soldiers in the battalion say.

Their love developed into trust and Capt. Thapar's persistent efforts paid off when Ruksana started speaking again. He used to contribute a small amount of money each month to the girl's poor family towards her education. Minutes before going on his 'last' operation, the young officer, probably on a premonition, wrote to his family and asked them to take care of her. "Contribute some money to an orphanage and keep sending some money to Ruksana every month."he wrote minutes before he was going to lead his men into battle on that fateful night of June 28. He had told his mother about Ruksana on the phone and described his beautiful relationship. Now his parents have decided to send money to her regularly.

    A Disciplined Lifestyle
Vijyant took to religion early in his life and wanted to live a life of a Puritan. He gave up non-veg and eggs and vowed never to smoke or drink. He worked hard physically to remain absolutely fighting fit. His routine involved regular workouts at the Gym and a balanced diet. He was very friendly, a happy go lucky person and never lost his temper.

Robin the Person

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